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Sense IoT Monitoring Software

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12-month subscription to Sense IoT monitoring service for your wireless sensor network.
  • Unlimited user accounts for system configuration, monitoring and notifications.
  • Sensor heartbeats (check-ins) down to 10 minutes.
    • Timed sensors (i.e. temp) can be user set to check against alert thresholds up to 256 times between heartbeats.
    • Triggered sensors (i.e. motion, door/window, etc.) record data as it happens, regardless of heartbeat.
  • Advanced sensor configuration options.
  • SMS text and email notifications sent from the system when sensor thresholds are exceeded.
  • Sensor Mapping Tool.

Other Features

  • Mobile App Available on Android and iOS
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Sense IoT API commands for integrating into 3rd party applications

What's in the box

  • N/A

Suggested Application

  • Wireless Sensor Monitoring
  • Remote Monitoring Solutions
  • Online Remote Monitoring

Ethernet Gateway Specifications

  • Product Code: MNW-IP-006
  • System Requirements: Computer, tablet or smartphone with web browser
  • Notifications Supported: SMS text message, email, voice phone call or Sense IoT local alert
  • Minimum Heartbeat (Sensor Check-in): 10 Minutes
  • Number of Sensors Supported: 10,000 sensors per account (500 sensors per network)
  • Number of Gateways Supported: 1,000 gateways per account
  • Number of Users Supported: Unlimited
  • Sensor Data History: Not currently limited

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