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A/C Current Meter – 150 Amp

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The Sense IoT wireless AC Current Meter measures the RMS current of an alternating current (AC) system using a current transformer (CT) that wraps around the “hot” wire of a two wire (hot, common, ground(optional)) power system. The sensor reports Minimum RMS current, maximum RMS current, average RMS current, and amp hours to the Sense IoT system. The Sense IoT system is capable of generating watt hour or kilowatt hour readings as well. • Measures amp hours, max RMS current, min RMS current, and average RMS current • Three different current transducers available: • Low Current: 0-20 amp • Medium Current: 0-150 amp • High Current: 0-500 amp • Capable of generating watt hour or kilowatt hour readings using the Sense IoT portal • Data logging for accumulated amp hour readings • Can notify based on current levels or changes in current levels • Simple and safe installation of current/power measurement hardware, no rewiring required
To measure current, clip the CT around only a single wire of the AC system (clipping around a hot and neutral wire at the same time will result in 0 current readings). After the sensor powers on and connects to the gateway it will begin taking measurements based on the averaging interval (5 seconds default). It will report data to the Sense IoT portal every heartbeat or if the current goes outside of the aware thresholds set in the portal. The sensor reports amp hours, max RMS current, min RMS current, and average RMS current. The Sense IoT portal can also generate watt hour or kilowatt hour readings if a default RMS voltage is set in the portal.

What's in the box

  • Wireless Sensor
  • Mounting Hardware
  • 2 x AA Batteries

Suggested Application

  • Current Monitoring
  • Current Usage
  • Amperage Monitoring
  • Amp Hour Meter
  • Watt Hour Meter
  • Kilowatt Hour Meter
  • Many additional applications

Motion Detection Sensor Specifications

  • Product Code: SNS2-4-W2-CM-150
  • Absolute Max CT Current: 200 Amps RMS (Arms)
  • Maximum Accurate CT Current: 150 Amps
  • Frequency Measurement Range: 50 - 100 Hz
  • Accuracy: +/- 2% @ 2 to 150 Arms, +/- .04 Arms @ < 15 Arms
  • Calibrated Accuracy with Appropriate Offset: +/- 1% @ 2 to 150 Arms, +/- .2 Arms @ < 2 Arms
  • Offset Limits: -1.27 to + 1.27 Arms (default set to +.3 Arms)
  • Measurement Resolution: ~.01 Arms

AA Specifications

  • Battery Type: 2 Replaceable AA 1.5 V Batteries
  • Dimension: 111.1mm x 62.7mm x 28.5mm
  • Supply Voltage: 2.0 – 3.8V (2 x AA 1.5V Batteries or Optional Power Supply
  • Battery Life: At 1 hour heart-beating setting, included AA batteries will typically last 6-8 Years.
  • Max Operating Temperature Using AA Alkaline: -18ºC to +55ºC
  • Max Operating Temperature Using AA Lithium: -40ºC to +60ºC
  • Optimal Battery Operating Temperature: +10ºC to +50ºC
  • Enclosure Material: ABS

433 MHz Specification

  • Operating Frequency: 433 MHz Operating Frequency
  • Certifications: CE Certified. Tested and found to comply with: EN 300 220-2 V3.1.1 (2017-02), EN 300 220-2 V3.1.1 (2017-02) and EN 60950.
  • Device Range: Devices range up to 350m non-line-of-sight, wireless device range*
  • Security: Encrypt-RF® (Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange + AES-128 CBC)