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Voltage Detection 500 VAC

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The Sense IoT wireless AC voltage detection sensor can interface with other devices to detect voltage from 4 VAC to 500 VAC. The sensor reports presence or absence of voltage when the 4 volt threshold is breached. It is intended for use on power sources or power supplies up to 500 VAC. Not intended for voltages higher than 600 VAC. Perfect for monitoring electrical appliances. • Wireless interface for detecting voltage • Detects voltage from 4 to 500 VAC The Sense IoT wireless AC voltage detection sensor can be connected to the hot and neutral terminals of an electrical device or power supply line, triggering on the state change from voltage presence to absence and vice versa. The information is sent to the Sense IoT Online Sensor Monitoring and Notification System, where the data is displayed as either “No Voltage” or “Voltage Detected”. The data is stored in the online system and can be reviewed and exported as a spread sheet or graph. Notifications can also be set up through the online system to alert the user when certain criteria have been met.

What's in the box

  • Wireless Sensor
  • Mounting Hardware
  • 2 x AA Batteries

Suggested Application

  • Appliance monitoring
  • Sprinkler system monitoring
  • HVACR system monitoring
  • Line power monitoring
  • Power coupling monitoring
  • Power supply monitoring
  • Sump pump monitoring
  • Many additional applications

500 VAC Detection Sensor Specifications

  • Absolute Maximum Voltage: 600 VACrms / 850 VDC
  • Minimum Voltage Detected: -850 VDC
  • Accuracy: +/- (1 VACrms + 3% of reading)
  • Calibrated Accuracy with Appropriate Offset: +/- (.5 VACrms + 1.5% of reading)
  • Response Time: 40 ms
  • Supported Operation Modes: VACrms (root mean squared) Peak Voltage DC Voltage
  • Resolution: .25 VACrms / .35 VDC/Peak Voltage
  • Lead Wire Length: 2 Wires, 1 ft (12 in), Black (Hot), White (Neutral), 18 AWG (Custom lengths available upon request)
  • Weight: 113 grams

Variation Specifications

  • Security: Encrypt-RF® (256-bit key exchange and AES-128 CTR)

433 MHz Specification

  • Operating Frequency: 433 MHz Operating Frequency
  • Certifications: CE Certified. Tested and found to comply with: EN 300 220-2 V3.1.1 (2017-02), EN 300 220-2 V3.1.1 (2017-02) and EN 60950.
  • Device Range: Devices range up to 350m non-line-of-sight, wireless device range*
  • Security: Encrypt-RF® (Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange + AES-128 CBC)