Remote Monitoring Solutions for Facilities

Facility management just got a whole lot easier.

Commercial Refrigeration and Freezer Temperature Monitoring Systems

Text and email alerts when temperatures fall out of acceptable ranges

Remote Monitoring For Production

Maintaining optimal moisture levels maximum productivity

Remote Monitoring Solutions Overview for Food Services and Production

Monitoring and Control Systems will alert you if something is off at your operation.

Remote Monitoring Solutions for HVAC

Get an alert before a maintenance need becomes an equipment failure.

Lab & Pharmaceutical

Monitoe cavvines, drugs, smaples and more to maintain quality and compliance.

Commercial Refrigeration

Stay compliant & safe. Remotely check on machine & performance.

Facility Monitoring

Protect peopls, places & things with turnkey sensors.


Harness remote monitoring fpr preventative maintenance. Minimize downtime.

Food & Service

Know cold storage is secure. Monitor food holding temperatures.


Follow machine health. Fix before failure. Maintain comfort & safety.


Inspired by efficiency — refined by innovation.

Sense IoT provides customers with quick remote wireless monitoring systems that are designed to improve building maintenance and management. Our goal is to improve efficiency, eliminate down time during scheduled maintenance checks, improve workplace safety and give facility managers better control of equipment by incorporating IoT (Internet of things) into the day-to-day procedures of facilities management.

Dynamic equipment management.

Our sensors can be set up in less than 15 minutes! Once they’re set up and connected, our sensors will begin collecting data and monitoring the performance of your equipment. This information is then relayed back to the gateway and automatically uploaded to the Sense IoT Cloud server. This information can then be easily accessed and monitored via your customer portal, allowing you to comfortably and conveniently monitor your equipment 24/7.

Work Smarter

As easy as A,B,C

Our monitoring systems can be setup in just a few minutes and our intuitive interface makes managing your system a breeze!

Wireless range

Our optimised RF communications platform provides superior wireless range of up to 350 metres.

Low cost

Sense IoT provide a range of cost-effective equipment management solutions.

Product range

Choose from over 50 sensors which specialise in different facets of equipment management.

Power efficiency

Our wireless sensors feature an industry leading power system and boast a 10 year life-span.

Global Radio Frequencies

Our wireless product range are available in a range of global radio frequencies.

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Integrative monitoring management systems designed to create comfortable spaces — inspired by efficiency.